fuck you, for saying you’d stay. for acting like you cared. for saying you loved me. for saying you’d be there, and then leaving. for turning your back around and leaving me here to pick up the pieces. for forgetting about me. for replacing me. for shoving it in my face that we’re just not the same anymore. for not having the decency to see that what you’re doing is over the edge, too much. you just keep doing this. you just don’t care, all you ever think about is yourself. don’t you get it? don’t you understand how much you’re hurting not me. no, you just can’t seem to see that you’re causing all this irreversible damage to me. my god, i deserves so much better than you. for everything, for being the thoughtless, heartless, stupid little prick that you are, fuck you.

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Cigarettes look so harmless but then again so did you

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Mukha kang Load eh noh?👊👊 @iambashlucas